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Site Information

This site lets non-programmer designer artists create
interactive Adobe Flash Adventure Experiences.
You create/  display your Adventure Experiences
here and then embed them on your own site.

Submit A Song
Signup, login and submit a song for other designers
to use in their Adventure Experiences.

The Slide Show Creator
Upload images, choose an MP3 or upload your own, then Add text
to narrate your story in a Slide Show you can pause and restart.

Take a Virtual Trip Around Hotel Utah
Click on the blue navigation buttons to move around. Roll your cursor around the screen and over people.
If there is a message, click to Talk and Hear or Read the response.
Click on Text Buttons to play a game or to watch the upstairs or downstairs videos.
You can play a trivia game on the pinball page. If the game doesn't come up you might need Flash 10.
If you win the trivia game (more than 2500 points) you will be transported to a special destination.